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Sunrise - Love Will Set You Free

You keep on running from it all
There’s nothing that you need
So now you’re on your path
Don’t want to go back
Don’t want to go back
Still searching, asking where to go
To be where you want to be
And life's with open heart
To feel it with heart
To feel it with heart
Maybe it’s right
To leave all in there
Where your dreams
Are drowned with despair
Something inside
Pulls you somewhere
Life's full of love
And you can’t stay
Love will set you free
Love - it's all you need
You’re living to find
A way back home
Love will set you free
Love - it's the only belief
Just keep it inside
Even if you’re alone
Why should you live with heart of stone
Can’t seeing what life can bring
Unhappy from the start
Your mind is torn apart
Your heart is torn apart
This time is quite different than was before
And things are changing here
It’s flight to distant stars
Away from the scars
Away from the scars
Maybe it’s right…
Love will set you free…
Oh, baby can you hear me?
Oh, baby can you heal me?
So, baby would you hear me?
Oh, baby, baby would you heal me, would you…

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