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Red Hot Chili Peppers — Otherside

Judas Priest - Jawbreaker

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Deadly as the viper
Peering from its coil
The poison there is coming to the boil
Ticking like a time bomb
The fuse is running short
on the verge of snapping if it's caught
And all the pressure that's been building up
For all the years it bore the load
The cracks appear, the frame starts to distort
Ready to explode
Crouching in the corner
Wound up as a spring
Piercing eyes that flash are shimmering
Muscles are all contorted
Claws dug in the dirt
Every ounce of fiber on alert

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В житті багато приємних речей, але коли я чую звук гітари, я думаю тільки про те, як врубити звук гучніше... Ritchie Blackmore Deep Purple

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