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Edguy - Out Of Control

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Into a place of darkness, he was born to live alone
He got one big desire: one day he'd get the crown:
Hey devil come on help me now
Be the one to pull my string
Let me be your slave to serve you
To let me be the king
Just give me a sign
Take on my mind and let me stay blind
A victim of life too weak to be kind
Out of control
My life is a chamber of tears, fear and hate
Out of control
Help me to gain the crown, here is my fate
Whatever I may roam there will be hate and pain
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, respect is what I gain
I look up to Mr. Crowley, evil powers: Now unite!
I will be your darkest nightmare
My life's a fatal fight
Just give me a sign
Take on my mind and let me stay blind
A victim of life too weak to be kind
Listen up my friend: You just cry for a hand
But you only pretend that you bad - now!
Well, take on my mind.
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Ozzy Osbourne

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